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October 24, 2008



OMG really?!?!! That's so cool - though are you just hoping to get a discount next time you're in the store?!

Where is it? How big is it?

laura rakositz

Bb sent me to your blog to view your new tattoo. And also read through all those clever comments. I wish I was half as clever. But since I am also an apple fanatic, how bout getting me in on those discounts, I will act as your agent.

Jude Mayas

I'm still T.O'd that you got that one without me, but I forgive you. The next one we do as a team. We'll have even more in common then. Can you hear the sarcastic tone? Love you madly ma.


Hey Skye,

Just found a website that you might like. They have people sending in photos of their Kanji or other Chinese tatoos, and have it properly translated.

I think you will be happy that you went with a the colourful apple symbol for yours.


Oh and PS, there are a couple of spammy comments needing deleted on your old typepad site.

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